TechDex Foward A Page Script (Free Hosting)

Thank you for using the free TechDex Foward A Page (FAP) Script. Please keep in mind that I am providing the free hosting as a courtesy. I will not tolerate abuse and will quickly remove your referral pages.

The FAP Script is a simple but powerful tool to help generate traffic, (specifically referrals) to your website.

It is database driven, allows forwarding up to 5 people at once and is simple as cutting and pasting a link to your website or email.

Written in Perl, it is unique in that you can create unique links to place on different pages, with custom email subjects and messages for as many pages on your site as you want.

You will also receive a notification for every time someone refers a page.

The login password is "fapfree" - Please note that your email address is your password after creating a link. Only you will be able to edit or delete that link!

1. FAP Script: Demo
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