About TechDex Development & Solutions

TechDex Development & Solutions is a service-based development company. We focus on providing both packaged and custom solutions designed to reduce costs, improve productivity and increase your profit margin.

Our solutions are always tailored to meet your needs and they are scalable, secure, stable, and have built-in security and applies well to networking environments, the Internet, Intranets, home-based businesses, and more.

Many of these solutions are services, (file and application hosting, messaging and communications); Others are community-based applications, (forums, blogs, guesbooks, polls and voting), and others are driven by ecommerce such as finance suits and shopping carts.

We take pride in our Internet applications being fast, reliable, stable and programming free. In fact, we use our own solutions! Everything you see on our own sites and services including the blogs and forums, payment systems, messaging, etc are TechDex solutions.