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The TechDex CGI Guestbook Software is a simple guestbook application that features message control like cancelling and tread tracking, and powerful security built right in.

You also have the control over messaging that most other guestbook software simply doesn't offer. You can ban email and ip addresses from posting, ban keywords from being posted, (cancels the post), and filter profanity from being readable.

This new version includes the dozens of new smilies and the special url tags for html effects.

It is also very easy to set up and manage with point and click interfaces, and easily customizable.

New Features:
  • CAPTCHA - Image confirmation makes sure that a human is filling out replies and not a program or bot.
  • Page Verify - Replies must come from the reply page and not somewhere else, like a mirror page.
Info: WinZip File (.zip), 1.91 MB (2,008,010 bytes)
Visit the Offical Guestbook Project Site

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