About Dexter Nelson

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Dexter Nelson started out his IT career at the end of 1999 at a small, but high quality IT school in Durham, North Carolina, where he received his first IT certification (2000). Five years later he founded TechDex Development & Solutions.

His work experience is diverse, ranging from standard information systems, web development, programming, network planning and implementation, PC repair, project research, platform integration, network security, and business development.

His expertise is focussed on four specific areas; Network Engineering and Security, Development and Programming, Relational Databases, and IT Project Management.

He is highly self motivated and thrives under pressure. He brings to the table expert skill, experience, and fresh ideas that would help any company increase profits and productivity, and he has put most aspects into running TechDex Development & Solutions.

Over the past ten years he has been involved in cost analysis, loss prevention, planning and implementation, and launching projects and campaigns. As he has gained experience in business and project management, he has become very familiar with tax and employment law and regulations and economics.

His current certifications include: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Network Technician (NT 4.0/2000 Advanced Server/XP Professional), RDBMS Concepts, Microsoft Security, HTML 3.2, Computer Fundamentals (95/98/NT/2000 Advanced Server/XP),, and he is a Sylvan Certified Test Administrator.

Dexter Nelson working from home. Dexter Nelson working from home. Dexter Nelson working from home.
Caption: Pictures of Dexter working from his home office.
  • Networking/Security: Very strong in the networking field, with a level of expertise in network security. Focus is designing, configuring, maintaining and implementing security for DNS and BIND, TCP/IP, SendMail, Internet Firewalls, UNIX & Internet Security. Security tasks included peer level and network security, network abuse, hack detection and prevention. His broad security background has given a unique aspect of security with very successful results.
  • Development/Programming: Perl expert with heavy mod_perl and Apache experience. Working with several languages including PHP, he has extensive experience designing and implementing ecommerce/commercial applications and information management. He has also programmed on a wide variety of platforms, different languages, with experience working on very high-traffic applications, triggers, user interfaces, database driven internet and intranet applications and more.
  • Relational Databases: Dexter is a relational database expert with solid experience in building dynamic solutions using SQL and mySQL, with solid experience building SQL and MySQL Databases, (web-based and Access), and supporting web structure in Perl/CGI, ASP.NET/Visual Basic, Apache and server-side using Java and Visual.

    He is versed in compiling scripts and programs in multiple scripting languages for web applications, computer graphics and flash development, and is equipped to work in almost any networking environment. He is skilled with Microsoft systems, Novell, Cisco, some Oracle, and have experience with UNIX, including hardware, networking and communications, and programming, (batch programs and UNIX/DOS shell), and traffic management training, (CISCO). He also has A+ experience building computers, and troubleshooting hardware problems.
  • IT Project Management: In preparation for the PMP certification, he has studied project management in context of information technology. The focus of expertise included process groups, integration, scope management, time and cost management, quality management, human resource and communication management, project risk management and procurement management. He is trained to use Microsoft Project software and is familiar with running cases, model templates, and Fissure Project Management.