TechDex CGI Forum Script

TechDex CGI Forum Script

The TechDex CGI Forum Script Software is a lightweight yet powerful and a feature-rich forum solution. At just 116 KB, it is smaller than most other forum software and has several features that make it easy to use and operate. It is also offers more system compatability and is very stable, making it one of the best value buys and a great alternative to more expensive forum solutions.

Platform: Perl, MySQL/Built for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD, AIX and HP-UX.

Info: WinZip File (.zip), 116 KB (118,927 bytes)
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Features Include:

  • Smiley-Enabled Posts
  • Point and Click Content Tags, (html, links, images, etc).
  • Detailed User Profiles with Statistics & Avatars
  • Web Content Support (Youtube, Myspace, Hulu, Google, and Daily Motion, etc).
  • Advanced Audio & Video Support for Windows Media, Real Player and QuickTime formats.
    - Supported Video Formats are: 160×120, 320×240, 640×480, 720×480 NTSC, and 720×576 PAL.
  • Private Messaging: Members now have private messaging and moderator and administrators have the option to mail all members.
  • Guest-Enabled Browsing.
  • Session-driven Logins (no cookies).
  • Flexible Google Adsense Placement (in posts or anywhere else on your forums).
  • E-commerce compatibility including shopping carts, buy now buttons, and forms.
  • Aweber newsletter compatible.
  • Proven search engine compatibility.
  • Powerful Administration & Easy Setup (see below).

The TechDex CGI Forum Script Software is the only solution that allows you to post adult content by creating Adult Channels & Threads which feature double opt in member security. You can also Enable/Disable adult content in threads. Supports and!

Powerful Administration Features:

  • Onscreen thread locking.
  • Improved forum administration with administrator and moderator (power user) accounts.
  • Thread locking and “selective” locking, (lock part of a thread to close a deviation from topic).
  • Enhanced message editing.
  • Enhanced Template Builder & CSS Stylesheet Tool for easy management does away with complex templates, annoying templates and no more addins or plugins to install. You can apply html, java, even CSS Templates (myspace, wordpress, etc). Just copy and paste!
  • Supports WordPress and WordPress 2.0 Templates – just copy and past to the Content Manager.
  • Point and Click Database Administation to optimize tables and remove overhead on the database, including the new mail tables.
  • HTTP File Hosting – Per request I have added a file manager that allows Admins and Moderators to upload and manage files for hosting on the forums.
  • And more…

Info: WinZip File (.zip), 116 KB (118,927 bytes)
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[Version 2.4 Pending Updates –last updated 01/25/2010]

  1. Desktop Performance & Improved Workflow – Currently implementing technology to reduce flickering, page refreshes, and give the forums more of a desktop application feel. Workflow messages, updates and more will be instant and on screen so as to not interrupt current tasks.
  2. Password Enabled Forums – Per request I will re-enable and upgrade the pass-protected forum features.
  3. FTP Account Access for Administrators and user uploads – for businesses that require users to upload files and host files, this new feature will allow you to do both and will include security features to help prevent abuse.

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