About Us

About TechDex

Where does the name “TechDex” come from?TechDex” is a nickname given to the founder, Dexter Nelson, when he was still in IT school in 1998 earning his first Microsoft certification. The school hired him as their full time web developer and online marketer Though he made less money than the secretary at the time, he loved what he did, aiding students with network administration, performing as a SYLVAN test administration, and programming. His efforts and passion for the IT field was recognized by many of the students who warmly greeted him with a a warm word-play on his first name… “TechDex.”

About The Company

TechDex Development & Solutions is a software development company and IT solutions service provider. We have been in business for almost 10 years and we specialize in Perl development, developing software, and creating solutions that help increase productivity, reduce costs, and solve many of the problems that cause bottlenecks in day to day tasks.

All of our solutions are custom-built. Unlike others who provide “cookie cutter” software and apps, we take the time to learn about you, your needs, wants, and requirements, then create solutions that apply specifically to you.

We even conduct market research and trend analysis to make sure that our solutions meet your market’s standards.

Just listen to what one of your clients has to say.

We build fast, stable, robust, and scalable IT solutions tailored to meet your needs and market.

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