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TechDex CGI Blog

Business Features Include:The TechDex CGI Blog Software is a very powerful blogging solution that was designed with the needs of business, marketing and making profit in mind. It has all of the features you expect from a blog software and it has built in tools designed to help you make money as a blogger.

  • Improved Administration & Member Center.
  • SEO Targeting Posts.
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s & Source Code Output.
  • W3C Compliance.
  • E-Commerce Support (shopping carts, buy now buttons and forms including PayPal, ClickBank, and Google Checkout).
  • Aweber Newsletter Compatible.
  • Google Adsense Compatible.
  • And more.

More Features:The TechDex CGI Blog Software was also designed for convenience and efficiency. The Member Center is fully customizable and allows you to create as many levels and services as you want and the easy security allows you to decide who has access to the services you create, (no more addons or plugins; nothing to configure or files to edit).

The Administration is state-of-the-art featuring point and click oriented interfaces, on screen message managment, simple database management and optimization and much more. It’s it also one of the most scable blogging solutions with a very stable platform.

Platform: Perl, MySQL/Built for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, BSD, AIX and HP-UX..

  • No more skins and templates – description
  • No more addins or plugins to install – description
  • Proven search engine compatibility
  • Built in member center (featuring member-only posts)
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Atom/RSS Feeds
  • Built in multimedia support – description
  • E-commerce compatibility including shopping carts, buy now buttons, and forms
  • Aweber newsletter compatible
  • Full control of Google Ad placement (in post or anywhere else on your site)
  • Adult content with double opt in security – description
  • We are now W3C Compliant.
  • And much more!

No more skins and templates!
– Where others use skins and templates to change the appearance of their blog softwareand services, we gave you freedom like never before with two powerful tools which allow you to apply templates including wordpress, myspace, CSS templates, and more to create beautiful layouts or design an entire site instantly. This latest upgrade features a few big changes.

  1. The first tool is the CSS StyleSheet Builder which allows you to create your own stylesheets and modify every aspect of your site from text to the browser itself, including the scroll bars and status/details pane.

    The second tool is the Board Content Manager. It is equally powerful and it’s where the magic really happens. From here you can copy and paste the layout and template code from wordpress, myspace or any other CSS layout and change the entire look of your site, or…

    If you know simple html or have a developer, you can put your own code right into the fields and create an entirely new site. No more restrictions on what you can do and you’re no longer limited by pre-set builds, which means you can create a site as unique as you are.
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  2. No more addins or plugins to install! – While everyone else focusses on mainly publishing information, TechDex CGI Blog Software takes it a step further and gives you the ability to create a community with a fully featured member center, built in administration and user control policy, and features integrated social media compatability.
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  3. Multimedia Rich – Most others allow you to post videos from youtube, but what we’ve done is given you multimedia like nobody else can. You can post vides from several popular sites including Youtube, Myspace, Hulu, Google, and Daily Motion.If you have custom audio and video, we support Windows Media, Real Player and Quicktime formats all with a simple point and click. Video sizes and formats include 160×120, 320×240, 640×480, 720×480 (NTSC), and 720×576 (PAL).
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  4. Double Opt-in Adult Content – We take freedom to the limit. Our software is the only one we’ve found that allows you to post videos from popular adult sites like and we have included a responsibility factor of security.Adult content is double-opt in, meaning that it is member-only and members must opt-in from their user account control panel. A reporting feature has been added to all video for admins and power users to review. These features also work with the messaging system. Adult content cannot be displayed to someone who has not opted-in.
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Built for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. Requires MySQL database. Table structure, (.sql), included in download.

Info: WinZip File (.zip), 1.94 MB (2,036,729 bytes)
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Detailed Blog Features & Screenshots >>

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