SitePM Message System

SitePM Message System

Years before the phrase “Cloud-based messaging,” the SitePM Message system has been providing internet-based messaging, file management and hosting, and registered email to small businesses. What started as a project to offer a solution to using your personal email for everything, or having to maintain multiple aliases, soon became a much larger goal of becoming a cloud-based messaging ISP.

We took a completely new approach. Here is what SitePM does.

  1. It treats your email and messaging content as if it was data, similar to how you would treat files, folders, documents and even databases, and…
  2. Protects email as you would any other type of data. So “email” is no longer just email but becomes a protectable resource.

We did what no other company does. We gave users 100% absolute control over their inbox – We gave the user the freedom to decided who gets their email address. SitePM acts as a buffer between the Internet and your real email address. What this means is that, others can contact you and even send files without having your email address!

How It Works:

The concept is simple. With regular email, anyone can send you a message from anywhere at any time and it gets delivered to the server, then your ISP decides what is legit email and passes it on to your account, where it is again filtered by what your email filters.

Often times, these are pre-set to decide what is spam or bulk, then your email, legit or not, gets filtered out in the process.

The problem is that the security comes AFTER email has been delivered. There is no mechanism between the sender and the server to say, “hey, you’re banned so you can’t send email to this person.” It’s similar to a bank letting everyone into a bank vault, then having security guards try to filter out who’s supposed to have access by using profiling.

SitePM solves that problem by applying security BEFORE email is delivered, by treating email as data. Today, data protection and security gets better and better, while email is left out in the dark. There is authentication, trust, certificates, user control and more for every kind of data, but email.

Not anymore…

1. SitePM provides an extra layer of security by placing incoming messages to the platform, and giving the account owner freedom to accept messages from anywhere, (message me links and buttons on their website, social networks, profiles, etc), WITHOUT actually providing their email address.

When any new messages arrive, the account owner is notified, and can log in to their message center, which has all of the features of regular email and more.

2. We removed the power of ISP’s and pre-determined “blacklisting” and gave it to the user with smart security that gets better and more accurate the more you use it. Users have REAL power with the ability to block keywords, ban domain names and IP addresses, ban email address, and even scramble profanity so that it is unreadable.

While at first, anyone can send you messages, (and we understand that it is very annoying),  our security is unlike any other in that it is the only one in existence to actually block users from sending messages. Instead of passing it on to the server, blocked and banned users get an error message, and their message is not sent, then trashed.

For example, let’s say you decided to block all messages with the phrase “free sample.” Anytime anyone, from anywhere tries to send you a message with that phrase, the message is not sent.

What’s important to remember is that this is BEFORE anyone has your email address! You only give your real email address to people you know and trust.

3. We removed the ability of others to send you files without your permission. We created a “pin” called SecureKey that you create when you create your account. Just like the pin number to your debit card, nobody can send you files without you giving them permission. This has dramatically decreased computer infections.

4. We gave users file management. By far one of the most needed features for people is the ability to send and share files and images, and just like CNET and many other file hosting/sharing companies, you can. Instead of sending files, simply send a link.

There are many more features and unique qualities of SitePM. For more information, please visit today.

Imagine for a moment, never having to surf through junk mail and spam folders again, or never having to worry about downloading viruses and malware from attachments, or putting your identity at risk.

Well? Now you no longer have to imagine… Register today for a free account!