Whether you’re looking for storage space for items to use with another service, looking to host Perl applications, or you need to host an entire website, TechDex offers services that you need at an affordable rate.

We offer three types of hosting services, (listed below), based on need. Choose one of the links to learn more about each, (opens in a new window).

Full Hosting
This is for those who need to host an entire website. Choose this if you’re setting up a new website or changing hosts to our service, then select the right plan for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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FTP Hosting
This is for those who host their website elsewhere, but either the service or space is limited and they need to host images, documents and files. Choose this is you’re using services like ClickFunnels, Lead Pages, or other services that don’t come with a lot of space.
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Perl Hosting
If you’re a Perl developer, then you already know that you need specific features installed to do everything that you need. Choose this if you need an environment that is Perl-friendly and gives you the freedom and flexibility that a Perl developer needs.
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