TechDex CGI Blog v3.3 Released!

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Feature: Advanced, User-friendly Administration Area, featuring the CSS Stylesheet Builder and Board Content Manager.
Improved Administration
Feature: In-Post e-commerce support featuring web forms, buy buttons and shopping carts, and code support.
E-Commerce Support
Feature: Member Center and Message System that features multimedia rich messaging and member only posts.
Advanced Messaging
Feature: Easy, user friendly forms with clickable tags and multimedia support. No more addins or complicated plugins to install and configure.
Simple Point and Click Forms
Feature: On-screen post editing and deleting.
On Screen Management
Feature: Customizable SEO targeting fields for higher search engine ranking, including META tags.
SEO Targeting
Feature: Clean HTML Code output for search engine friendly caching.
SEO Friendly Code Output
Feature: Search engine friendly url's - Example is taken from a Google Search!
Search Engine Friendly URL's
TechDex CGI Blog Release Notes:
-- last update 01/08/2010
    Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that was causing 500 Internal Server Errors on the reply form
  • Fixed a bug that was causing forms not to display correctly
  • Fixed a but that was causing error displays in the mail center
  • Corrected a code error in CSS Builder that affected the left column diplay
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    New Features:
  • Feature Rich Member Center featuring member only posts and user profiles with avatars and reatime stats!
  • Improved Content Manager with added control. Users now have more direct page control over margins, size, and colors.
  • Added reply notification via email
  • Added required reply approval for added spam prevention. Feature now added to admin control panel.
  • Added "onscreen" message management for quick cancelling and editing.
  • Added Atom RSS Feed
  • New Session-driven login and management
  • Added SEO Tags and META tags to posts.
  • Added Highlight feature to message headers
  • Added email account verification for account activation
  • Improved "onscreen" workflow messages
  • Added Reply control. Admins can now choose whether to disable replies or allow only members to reply
  • Added "Bookmark This" and "Email To A Friend" links on posts
    Pending Updates
  • File manager for board owner
    More Features:

      • HTML replies in posts have been filtered and replaced with custom tags, (defined in administration area).
      • Post youtube, myspace and videos.
      • Simple smilies have been enabled.
      • Thread and reply tracking.
      • Easy message sorting.
      • Secure Administration login.
      • Database driven for optimal performance.
      • Archiving

      Administration & Security: [screenshot]
      • Greatly improved Content Management System!
      • Search Feature for editing or dropping messages (or the entire thread) directly.
      • HTML free and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), message creation. Use the special tags to edit fonts and create links.
      • Enable or disable new reply message notifications.
      • Built-in security panel when viewing messages.
      • * CAPTCHA - Image confirmation makes sure that a human is filling out replies and not a program or bot.
      • * Page Verify - Replies must come from the reply page and not somewhere else.

      NuissanceTrapper Security:
      • Ban email and IP addresses.
      • Keyword blocker stops replies with keywords you designate.
      • Profanity filter makes cursing and other profanity unreadable.
      • * Domain blocker allows you to ban email domains that repeatedly abuse your system, (eg.

Built for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX. Requires MySQL database. Table structure, (.sql), included in download.

Example is live from a client website, and opens in a new window.
The TechDex Blog site is also an example of the CGI Blog package.
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